Citizens from following countries need to take visa support from Migration Police of the Republic of Kazakhstan: China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Taiwan, Syria, Lebanon, etc.

Visa support charges is 70 usd.

As organizer of exhibition, we will go to Migration Police and apply for visa support.

For this we need

  • Passport copy
  • Place of work
  • Position in the company
  • Home address
  • When will you arrive and when will turn back
  • Kazakh embassy name ( in which city) where are you going to apply

After we get all documents from you, we will go to Migration Police. They will issue visa support in 7 days.

We will send copy of letter by email and you will go to embassy of Kazakhstan to apply for visa.

They will charge you for visa 30-60 usd ( it changes in every country) and it will take 1-7 days.

Please, don’t mix VISA SUPPORT and VISA from Embassy.  Each one is charged separately.

Dear Saule I like to thank you one again for the great support before and during the exhibition. You never let me down and I always get a speedy answer back whatever I asked you. The organization can be happy – having such a person like you on board. I really do hope to come again to this exhibition next year. Take care and have a great day
Dear Ms Saule Nursapayeva, It was very nice to meet you again at CADEX in Almaty, Kazakhstan. All the things in CADEX was very good to us. Once again, thanks a lot for your assistance and hope to have another chance to meet you.
Thank you, Ms Saule, all your help and hospitality!
First of all, let me thank you for your kind attention and cooperation. You are a wonderful person!